Best 3 Caption Tricks Are Scientifically Proven to Get You More Instagram Likes

Secret Instagram Captions Ideas to Get More Likes – This is how you can get the postcard-perfect picture on your smartphone, you’ll already know. You created your photo and adjusted the filter and exposure on it and changed lux. You can also give a nice color to your photo. Now your Instagram post is ready to come in front of the world after finally thinking the captions.

If you’re looking for some options you like, choosing a great caption can be quite long. HopperHQ, a program that lets you schedule Instagram posts, analyzed more than a million photos from its users and found that some Instagram captions are more likely to be liked more than others. Users who use HopperHQ don’t necessarily represent all the Instagrammers, but if you’re trying to create followers these factors may not hurt to keep in mind, it is:

Secret Instagram Captions Ideas

1. Hashtags

Hashtags are designed so that they can make your photo more unveiled, popular, meaning more like it. According to HopperHQ, #love is the most popular hastag, it has already posted 1.017 billion on Instagram. Tag your picture with it and you can bet that you’ll appear in a stranger’s search feed. Other popular alternatives were #instagood (544.2 million posts), #photooftheday (38 9 million), #beautiful (363.1 million), and #tbt (357.8 million).

2. Length

Your followers think that little caption is good – Be careful of verbatim posts. However you can checkout few best “Short Captions For Profile Pictures” here.

Pictures which requires users to click “more” to see the entire caption, they’re like 15 percent less than the captions that are fully visible. They also get a comment comparatively less. You don’t need to hide your story behind the photo. You can try one of these “IG captions“.

3. Emojis

According to the HopperHQ, photos with emoji in captions get more likes and comments than anyone. Just do not go overboard. Captions with more than three emoji can be hard to read. And when people are scrolling fast, the last thing they want is to include all the small pictures that you have joined with Rosetta Stone.

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